Hazardous Products

290920168Everyone knows that you need to eat right. However, in the world there are many products that at first glance harmless, but they can cause significant harm to health.

1. Mushrooms. Mushrooms can be eaten, but only proven quality. Do not eat mushrooms of unknown origin, which are collected in the forest. It can be dangerous to health and may cause death.
2. Tuna. This fish is very loved and often eat. However, mercury, which causes poisoning can be contained therein. Therefore, in no case can not eat tuna for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
3. Rhubarb. You can not eat rhubarb leaves, because they contain toxic substances. Sorry about that very few people know.
4. Peanuts. As you know peanuts can cause a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal.
5. Fish puffer. Eat this fish are the most courageous people. No one knows how to turn a person’s life, after he eats it. The fact that the interior of highly poisonous puffer. Before the cook can proceed to its preparation he needs to be trained.

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