Headgear in Winter

050920161Every woman, regardless of the time of year wants to look beautiful. Women can make any sacrifice. For example, in the dead of winter to go bareheaded or wearing high heels in the ice. Yes, it is difficult and sometimes dangerous, but do nothing. However, we must still talk intelligently and to understand whether it is not harmful to health.

According to doctors, in the winter you can do without a hat. To do this, you need to follow simple rules. If at least one item will not fit, it is not worth the risk. Temperature range (not more than 5 degrees) and windless. It is important to understand that during cold weather immediately freeze the ears. It may turn out to human otitis. Long hair is not able to protect your ears in winter. Danger also head hypothermia.

When bad weather is better to put a hat and do not fear for damaged hair. You have to understand that there is nothing more important than health.

It should be noted that cold weather greatly affects the hair. They become dull and begin to fall. Therefore, wearing a winter hat, to always be healthy and beautiful!

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