Health Benefits of Asparagus

280720161Currently, in the supermarket you can buy asparagus. However, most people do not buy it. This is due to the fact that people do not know how to cook and do not realize all of its beneficial properties.

Asparagus can be added to a variety of soups and salads. But it is also possible to eat asparagus and boiled as a separate dish. Thus, using asparagus can reduce pressure and excrete ammonia. If you have problems with heart asparagus must always be present on the table. For a good view also need to eat this vegetable. Eating asparagus promotes healing of wounds. Indispensable asparagus, and for pregnant women due to iodine and folic acid. Asparagus also has a mild diuretic effect. Asparagus is composed of coarse fibers, which stimulate the intestines work better. If we talk about the juice of asparagus, it is used in cosmetics.

In vegetable very few contraindications, but do not forget about them (idiosyncrasy and stomach ulcers). You should always reasonable approach to-eat foods, and even the most useful vegetables or fruits do not overeat.

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