Health Benefits of Bananas

200720162There is no person who would be indifferent to the bananas. Past this yellow fruit is very difficult to go to the store, because he and attracts. Why are they so useful for a person?

They contain a lot of potassium, so they are essential for the heart. It is important that bananas are low-calorie, but very nutritious. If you want to eat, feel free to eat a banana, there will be no hunger and track. In addition, the snack will pass without harm to the figure (this is true for women). You can not sleep – eat a banana in a trice. He has a positive effect on sleep, because it contains a lot of vitamin B. It is equally useful for stomach and a banana. Thanks to its structure and texture, it obvalakivayut it.

Do not forget that the banana can be used in cosmetics (face, hair). It has an amazing effect. After several treatments of wrinkles, and not a trace remains. The main thing is to do everything on a regular basis and it is not necessary to visit a beautician.

Unfortunately, bananas do not grow in our country, but it’s nothing – no supply disruptions.

Who needs to be careful with bananas?

Bananas do have a large number of beneficial properties, but even this does not guarantee side effects or harm to health. It is important to understand that a banana contributes to the removal of fluid from the body, therefore, your blood thickens and varicose veins may appear. That is why bananas are not recommended for people who have a potential propensity for thrombophlebitis or ischemic heart disease. Another feature is the ability of bananas to cause flatulence in the stomach, so if you have problems with the intestines – it is recommended to limit this product.

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