Health Benefits of Basil

290720165Many of us often drawn attention to the green deep purple color. Most often, few people buy it because they do not know anything about it. In addition, the taste is not everyone will like it because of the huge content of essential oils. But be that as it was not about the beneficial properties of basil need to know.

Basil perfectly supports the immune system. He is able to defeat any infection. Basil can be used as a tool that lowers the body temperature. To improve memory also need to eat basil. As for healthy teeth, but this fact also help to none other than basil. It can, to strengthen the gums and teeth. In addition, he copes with the problem of plaque. If you want to lose weight, then eat safely basil. It contains enzymes that promote fat burning. For men, it is also very useful herbs, because it is able to improve the potency. Basil can be eaten as greens for a salad or make tea.

However, pregnant women and children basil is contraindicated. This rule applies to patients with epilepsy and diabetes.

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