Health Benefits of Brussels Sprout

280720169Each of us paid attention to the small shop on the cabbage. It may be fresh or frozen. However, many buyers just looking at her, but preference is given when purchasing conventional and proven cabbage. Believe me, it is absolutely vain. The fine cabbage or brussels correctly it is called, can be safely eaten. What are the properties of its useful?

In Brussels sprouts contain a lot of folic acid, so gynecologists strongly recommend it for pregnant women to eat. Regular consumption of vegetables will prevent birth defects in the fetus. To the heart worked fine and cholesterol levels were normal, also need to regularly eat brussels sprouts. If you eat a vegetable, then to the optometrist you will not soon go. This is due to the fact that in cabbage contains many vitamins which contribute to good vision. For the good functioning of the brain it is also important this vegetable. If it’s flu epidemic, eat brussels sprouts, and you never get sick. It is important to eat a vegetable for women because it is an excellent prevention of breast cancer.

People with thyroid and bowel diseases is better to abandon the use of this vegetable.

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