Health Benefits of Cape Gooseberry

030820166Many in the garden growing cape gooseberrys. However, few people know that it is not only beautiful flowers can be admired, but also to prepare delicious dishes. It looks so cape gooseberry – bright flashlights that and beckon to him. But you should always remember that all ground parts of the plant are poisonous.

As can be prepared from cape gooseberry? Very many of them are cooked jam, bake cakes. Excellent cape gooseberry used to decorate many dishes. The restaurant serves dishes from the plant as an exotic. However, let us recall once again – you should always eat ripe fruit, because the green – poisonous.

Plant fruits have diuretic and choleretic effects. With it, you can also reduce the pain. The fruit and juice can be used in cystitis, hepatitis and skin diseases. Very often, the plant is used to treat gout and joint pains. If we talk about the benefits of the roots, the decoction of them is applied when you cough. Plant copes with high blood pressure and constipation.

However, gastric diseases it is better not to take food.

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