Health Benefits of Chard

040820161Everybody knows that you can cook with beet and what dishes it goes better. But she has a very close relative – chard. Only a few people heard it.

So, chard – a leaf beet, which is very taxing to care for. It should immediately be said that it is very useful for health. The green vegetable leaves contain a lot of vitamins. Due to the fact that it contains many minerals that can strengthen bones and teeth. If human hemoglobin is reduced, it is necessary to include in the diet chard. Diabetics can safely eat a vegetable, because it little sugar. In this case, you can still have the disease and prevention. If relatives had diabetes, if a person is at risk. The vegetables also contain antioxidants, which may have an excellent prevention of cancer. To view heart this vegetable is very useful.

From chard can prepare salads and stews. In any case, you get a delicious dish.

Patients with varicose veins should be careful to eat this vegetable.

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