Health Benefits of Chicory

030820164Everyone paid attention to the store for coffee chicory. Someone ventured to buy, to appreciate the taste and the real gourmets – bypassed by his side. So who is right in this situation ?! On this question difficult to answer. First you need to understand the beneficial properties of chicory.

Chicory has a positive effect on the nervous system. Thanks to him, you can calm down and tune in a positive way. With chicory can reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, it is an excellent tool for weight loss, because it reduces the feeling of hunger. Skin chicory is also indispensable. It promotes rapid healing of wounds. For hair and chicory irreplaceable. With it, you can prevent hair loss and make them more silky. If a person has problems with the intestines (broken microflora or constipation), you can also use chicory for treatment and prevention. For immunity – it also means number one. It perfectly suppresses all viruses in the body.

But, as it was not useful chicory, varicose veins and diseases of the liver, it is contraindicated.

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