Health Benefits of Cilantro

290720164I’m sure that every person case of such a situation. In the market you purchased parsley. Just come home, you realize that something is wrong, because the greens like parsley, but the taste and smell different. Of course, like many people you mix with parsley cilantro. Make it easy, because they really like each other. But let’s still sort out the benefits of cilantro. Especially, if it is already in our refrigerator.

With cilantro can reduce blood sugar, and improve emotional state. When depressed mood must-eat cilantro. If you have poor appetite also need to add greens to salads, because in the future it will contribute to good appetite. If you have problems with the visual system (lens, retina) need to be sure to eat cilantro. You can use it to get rid of these problems.

But do not mindlessly eat all in a row and this foliage. You can not use it to pregnant women and during breastfeeding. People who have suffered a myocardial history should also abandon its ingestion.

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