Health Benefits of Cornel

220720163It is difficult to find someone who has not heard about such as the dogwood berries. The color of the berries is bright – reds and it always attracts the attention of others. In addition, during the flowering dogwood an excellent honey plant. At the sight of dogwood, and I want him to eat more. In the wild it can be found in many areas (Caucasus, Crimea). Fresh berries are safe to eat everything, because the harm to the figures will never be.

Now we find out what is so useful berries. Dogwood can perfectly overcome such ailments as gout, hemorrhoids, skin diseases. Dogwood berry simply indispensable for diabetics, since it will never be used in the blood glucose surges.

As for cooking, some of dogwood turns out very tasty jam. For therapeutic purposes, is very often used the leaves and bark.

It is not advisable to eat dogwood people who are prone to constipation. At night, it also should not be used because it can cause insomnia (especially it concerns pregnant women, the elderly and young children).

What to cook with Dogwood?

In fact, a lot of different recipes and dishes that you can add dogwood. One of the simplest recipes is ground dogwood with sugar, which is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 months and fully retains its beneficial properties. In addition, this product can be used for the preparation of hearty and healthy cakes, which will be an excellent alternative to white bread.

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