Health Benefits of Cowberry

200720163The person who eats the berries, can live to be a hundred. It does not matter what kind of berries (blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries). All berries are useful in almost equal measure. But today we’ll talk in more detail about the benefits of cranberries to human health.

Lingonberry kept pace in the late summer – early autumn. These small red berries and pleasing to the eye. Each person can make yourself of berries for the winter, because they are perfectly preserved in the dried form.

Lingonberry very useful. In its power to cure almost any ailment. The juice of cranberries perfect tool that knocks down the temperature. In winter this is particularly relevant and can be easily dispensed without drugs. If there are problems with the kidneys or liver, cranberries can also heal the person. Do not forget that you can cook cranberry jam. Enough to eat candy from the store. It is better to eat all the useful and natural. In hot weather, you can cook the juice of cranberries which is perfectly quenches thirst. In general, the cranberries will always come to the rescue!

Cowberry storage methods

Cowberry is a fairly convenient berry for long-term storage. The composition of this product contains a high concentration of benzoic acid, so that with dry freezing the useful properties and vitamins in the Cowberry can persist for a whole year. That is why modern nutritionists recommend freezing berries in the freezer in the summer, in order to have a full source of nutritious vitamins and trace elements in the winter. In addition, you can always dry the berries and use them to make drinks from dried fruits.

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