Health Benefits of Dogrose

260720168After a few months will begin to collect dogrose. This berry is very useful for the human body, especially in winter.

Dogrose tea has an excellent flavor. In addition, it has a positive effect on health. Due to the high vitamin C content, it is indispensable during epidemics of influenza. Brew tea from berries easy. This requires flask and water. Water should boil and pour over the fruit. Per night tea infusions and gain a bright ruby color. Tea ready-to-eat (to taste you can add honey or sugar). Do not forget that the liver can drink tea also. He will cleanse the liver against harmful toxins. Recall on such property rose hips, as a diuretic. The kidneys also will work fine after drinking this tea.

Please note, it is always possible to collect the fruits of their own. Gather rosehips difficult (because of the sharp thorns), but very exciting. If you din just try this, you will look forward to the new season, collecting berries.

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