Health Benefits of Endive

030820165Many of us met at the vegetable market called endive. However, almost all buyers bypassed by his side. This is due to the fact that nobody knows anything about it. Let’s fix this situation, and we will fill the body with useful substances.

Immediately it should be said that a close relative of the dandelion endive. They even taste a bit like – bitter. But do not pay attention to it is better to eat it, thinking about the benefits that it brings.

If you regularly eat vegetables, you can make the skin more healthy and get rid of blackheads. This problem often faced by adolescents. If the composition add endive vegetable juice, it is possible to reduce the number of asthma attacks. In anemia, vegetable juice will also have a positive effect. In diseases of the eye is no better medicine than endive juice. Use it to provide prevention of such dangerous diseases such as glaucoma. Due to the fact that the vegetables contain very few calories, you can eat, and not be afraid of the figure.

It is important not to combine the use of vegetable and alcohol, because it can cause health problems.

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