Health Benefits of Fennel

020820169Now in stores often sell fennel, but many people bypassed by his side. A few people know how to cook it. It is wrong to refuse it, because fennel contains a lot of nutrients.

If a person is regularly eat fennel, then it will add strength and energy. With the help of seed can be well freshen breath. The fennel contains substances that may protect the liver from the negative influence. It can help you strengthen your immune system. However, most of the fennel is used for intestinal diseases (swelling). Remarkably, fennel can be used in all its parts. The leaves and stems – for decoration of dishes, the seeds – as a seasoning, and cabbage – as a side dish (especially good with fish). With fennel can cure anemia and improve vision. For women, it is also indispensable, because thanks to him, you can restore the cycle.

Use fennel is undeniable, but not always possible to eat safely fennel. It is contraindicated in: pregnancy, diarrhea, epilepsy.

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