Health Benefits of Fig

If you though least once been on the market, then pay attention to the very unusual fruit is dark blue or dark purple. It will focus on figs. Many people have never tried it, because I just do not know how to eat and what to do with it.

So, before eating the fruit should be washed, but first you need to choose fresh figs. It should be noted, make it difficult, because in the sale is often of poor quality figs. To select a ripe fruit, it needs to be resilient. If the fruit is selected, then go home and soon proceed to the meal. This is due to the fact that bad figs stored.

What are the benefits of figs? Fruits are very helpful for the stomach, heart and kidneys. After the hangover of this fruit is simply indispensable, because it eliminates all the nasty symptoms.

Contraindications to the use of figs. Patients with diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis should be abandoned by its consumption. It should be noted, before an important meeting or a trip it is also not necessary to have, because there may be diarrhea. It would not have been useful fruit, it is always important to remember their contraindications.

Interesting Facts about Figs

To date, there is a fairly wide range of uses of figs in food. In particular, it is recommended to take it in fresh, dried and even canned form. Most housewives make jam based on the fruits of this fruit. But if you want to keep the maximum benefit of the product, it is best to use it in a dried form. In particular, it is enough to leave the fruit for 4-5 days under the open sun, after which it can be stored for a very long time without side effects and used as an ingredient for making compotes or healthy natural drinks.

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