Health Benefits of Garden Radish

010820165Radish is a very common vegetable. All parts of radish people eat (leaves, stems, roots). It is possible to eat both raw and cooked (boiled or pickled). Whichever way it was not prepared, radish will be very useful for the organism.

Radish can be used in liver diseases. Especially, it is useful for such a serious disease like jaundice. When constipation radish also has a positive effect due to the fact that it contains a lot of fiber. If you have problems with urination radish also have a therapeutic effect. The vegetable is low in calories, so the weight loss you can eat. With it you can perfectly satisfy your hunger, while eating a minimum of calories. When skin diseases vegetables can always be used for the treatment. If you have problems with the stomach, bad breath from the mouth radish necessarily need to include in your diet.

However, gastric ulcers and people after a heart attack is not necessary to eat radish, because deterioration may occur.

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