Health Benefits of Gooseberry

220720166Many people in the garden or vegetable garden growing shrub with lots of thorns. Of course, all at once we guessed that we would go on the gooseberry. If a person wants to eat the berries, then you need to try. This berry is simply protecting itself numerous thorns from human hands. But all the same, humanity is at risk and breaks gooseberry bushes with completely. If someone does not know, then read the article about the benefits of gooseberry. You will be very surprised, because the berries are very helpful.

If you want to cure or provide prevention of hypertension, it is necessary to regularly eat gooseberries. It contains a substance (serotonin) which can exert an antitumor effect. In addition, if the person concerned of the liver and kidney disease, the berry is also indispensable (just do not eat in very large quantities). With gooseberry radiation can be derived and heavy metals from the body. For women, it is also very important, because the consumption of berries helps to normalize the menstrual cycle.

At a stomach ulcer it is not necessary to eat gooseberries, as may be worsening.

Gooseberry With Constipation

The amazing beneficial properties of the gooseberry make it an effective home remedy against the problems of the digestive system. In particular, the product has a mild laxative and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves abdominal pain, and also improves the overall condition of the stomach. Many experts recommend the use of gooseberry-based decoction for constipation or problems with going to the toilet. To prepare the broth, use 200 ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of gooseberry berries. The resulting drink should be taken 3-5 times a day and 1 teaspoon.

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