Health Benefits of Horseradish

290720168Horseradish – a very unusual vegetable that grows in almost every one of us in the garden. These green leaves and attract attention. But hell is very little used. Man remembers him only during the conservation of cucumbers and tomatoes, or during the preparation of sauces. But do not forget that in folk medicine, it is often used. What is it so useful?

With horseradish can improve bowel function. In addition, the vegetable has an excellent expectorant. When cold is no better means than hell. In rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, skin diseases it has long been used. There is evidence that the vegetable has anti-cancer effects. When angina is best sredstvo – horseradish juice. But according to the prescription to be added to the juice honey to enhance the action. In Japan, we found that hell can stop the development of dental caries. Now scientists are working to create a paste based on vegetable.

It would not have been useful to hell, you need to use it carefully, because it can cause burns on the skin. Strongly contraindicated reception horseradish young children, pregnant women, and people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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