Health Benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes

010820168In our countries, small jerusalem artichokes growers. Although it is quite wrong and it is wrong, because it can be used instead of potatoes. Besides grow it much easier and simpler. And pests (Colorado potato beetle) is absolutely indifferent to it. Most importantly, the beneficial properties of jerusalem artichoke more than in potatoes.

Jerusalem artichoke is good for diabetics because it can be used to lower blood sugar levels. It is worth remembering that the vegetable can be used not only for treatment but also prevention. Jerusalem artichoke is very useful for the stomach and intestines. If you regularly use jerusalem artichoke as food, then people will never hurt gastrointestinal diseases. With it, you can withdraw all harmful substances from the body, so it is necessary to eat the people who live in areas with poor environment. If there was a stagnation of bile, then this problem can also be overcome with the help of vegetable.

People with individual intolerance is best not to eat this vegetable. This rule applies to those people who suffer from flatulence.

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