Health Benefits of Jicama

050820162Everyone loves potatoes. Potatoes can be cooked in many ways: braising, frying, boiled kind. In any case it will be tasty and healthy. But do not forget that he has a lot of relatives. This is the jicama. In appearance resembles a vegetable potatoes, but it is much larger. No one is likely to have never heard of this vegetable. This is due to the fact that his homeland is far away from us (Africa). But, if and when there will be an opportunity to try it, then you need to know about all the beneficial properties and methods of preparation.

Immediately it should say that in jicama contains very few calories. People who adhere to the diet, or want to lose weight, can safely eat it. The vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals.

The vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked. Most often prepared as a vegetable, as an ordinary potato. If you eat fresh, most often – a salad.

However, one should always remember that the tops contained toxic substances. They are in any case can not be eaten.

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