Health Benefits of Lemon Balm

020820166If you have a garden or a villa, then this plant as lemon balm, will not be new to you. Every housewife knows that the grass can be added to tea. After adding her drink acquires a pleasant aroma. Tea can be drunk both hot and cold. It all depends on who and how like. However, almost no one knows about the beneficial properties of this plant.

The most important property of lemon balm is a sedative. When a bad mood, depression is always necessary to brew tea with lemon balm. This herb can be brewed, even small children. With the help of herbs to relax and eliminate muscle spasms. When cold tea as you can drink. It is important that pregnant women can use tea as a remedy for vomiting and nausea. In diabetes, there is no contraindication to its use.

However, we should not forget about contraindications. Of course, they are much smaller than the other herbs, but they are there and do not forget about them. People with low blood pressure should drink tea with lemon balm with caution, because the pressure is further reduced.

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