Health Benefits of Lemon

220720168Everyone at least once in their lives suffered from colds. Yes, this is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but fortunately, you can always recover. In addition, there are proven treatments. Most often, when the first symptoms of a cold, people brew tea itself. Only it’s not just tea with sugar. For colds in tea are always trying to add lemon. This fruit is a bright yellow color is simply irreplaceable for acute respiratory infections. Everybody knows that lemon is composed of a lot of vitamin C, and in the period of the disease this vitamin is very necessary to the body. Besides, very available as lemon, price, and quantity. Never happens interruptions to its supply. Do not forget that with the help of a lemon to make the prevention of such diseases as scurvy (bleeding gums). The disease most often occurs due to a lack of vitamin C. If you regularly eat a lemon, then you will always be strong and healthy. It is not necessary to eat a lot. On the day of false eat a slice and it will be quite sufficient for the prevention of many diseases.

Water and Lemon – The Perfect Start of the Day!

It is difficult to imagine a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and does not use water with lemon. This unique combination of two beneficial products has a phenomenal effect on our body. Nutritionists say that just one glass of water with lemon 30 minutes before breakfast can disperse the metabolism, speed up the process of awakening the whole body, and also stimulate the digestive function. Be sure to use this product daily in the morning or half an hour before your workout. Vitamin C helps maintain a normal balance of vitamins and promotes the natural burning of excess fat.

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