Health Benefits of Lettuce

270720168The beginning of spring – it’s a great season, because the nature wakes up and there are the first fresh vegetables. Undoubtedly, it will not go on tomatoes or cucumbers.

One of the first on the table appear lettuce. Many people do not eat them, but to decorate dishes. Immediately, we note that this is not true, because lettuce contains a lot of nutrients.

Lettuce leaves have a diuretic and sedative action. Coughing can also eat lettuce. It is important that the leaves contain a lot of iron. When anemia this trace element is very important. With lettuce can improve digestion. It is also indispensable in diabetes. If you regularly eat lettuce, then the person will never be high blood pressure and overweight.

However, there is a contraindication to its use. These are: gout, colitis, ulcer. People who suffer from tuberculosis or asthma, it is better not to eat lettuce, because it can negatively affect their health.

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