Health Benefits of Lovage

0208201610Many in the country is growing plant with an incredibly pungent odor. Everybody guessed that we are talking about lovage. It grows in many, but few people know how useful it is and when it can be used.

Many women used lovage with hair loss. It is enough to make a tincture regularly and rinse hair. Very soon they will become not only stronger, but also more shiny. But this is not one of its dignity.

With lovage can calm the nerves. In addition, for cuts and scratches – this is a very effective tool. When parasitic infestations recommend brewing lovage. In poor bowel habits – this plant will also come to the rescue. If there is inflammation in the body, then using lovage can remove it. When gout infusion of lovage is also often used. If you have poor vision can be used lovage, because he did not yield on the beneficial properties of carrot.

But do not forget about contraindications. Due to the spicy odor of cooking it should be used with caution. During pregnancy and kidney disease from its use should be abandoned.

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