Health Benefits of Marjoram

300720163Very often different dishes add spice. But it is worth to say that in every kitchen has a seasoning, which are more popular. Most of all – it is black pepper, bay leaf. However, there is still marjoram. Most often it is used in eastern cuisine. Europeans, most of all, he does not like because of the unusual taste and smell. But let’s understand all the same in its useful properties.

Marjoram is often taken to relieve pain (headache, menstrual). In addition, herbs possess antiallergic effect. When nervousness and depression is also useful marjoram. He is able not only to reassure the person, but also to make them believe in themselves. In dentistry (gingivitis, periodontitis) often take broth marjoram. If poor appetite used marjoram to improve it. Marjoram also has a choleretic effect. The pharmaceutical industry is widely used marjoram oil, which is also a lot of useful properties.

During pregnancy should be used with caution marjoram.

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