Health Benefits of Melotriya

040820167In our countries of vegetable melotriya – nobody knows anything. Let’s fix this situation and will investigate the matter.

In the homeland of the plant (Africa) plant is very often used as I decorated gardens. However, it is not used cooking less frequently. To taste reminiscent of cucumber vegetable.

Thus, in the vegetable contains a sufficient amount of fiber, so very useful for constipation eat it. With vegetables can prevent heart disease, and clean vessels from cholesterol plaques. If a person is prone to edema, the vegetable is also a must-eat. Due to the composition, it has the unique ability to remove excess fluid from the body. When thyroid diseases vegetable also recommended to eat.

However, there are some contraindications to its use. You can not eat melotriyu during pregnancy. Since it is often used in canned form, the people with stomach and heart disease can not eat a vegetable in this form. It is better to give preference to fresh melotrii.

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