Health Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves
Mint leaves

Each of us is looking forward to the arrival of spring, so that you can brew tea with fresh mint. How is it fragrant. Of course, you can always dry the mint and to make preparations for the winter but it’s a little bit wrong. Need is freshly picked, then the tea turns out particularly tasty. So, let’s learn about the beneficial properties of this herb.

Almost every mint growing in the garden. Importantly, it does not need to care yourself carefully. It has many varieties, but we will not go into these details, but go straight to the point. mint decoction improves digestion. mint tea will always help to fall asleep as soon as possible, so the problems with sleep, you need to drink tea. With the infusion of tea or peppermint can improve bowel function. When spasm there is no better means than peppermint tincture. With mint can enhance flow of bile, as well as to cope with a headache.

Contra is not so much. You can not drink tea or a decoction of mint: pregnant women and lactating mothers, hypotensive and allergies.

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