Health Benefits of Mountain Ash

250720166Each person at the end of fall paid attention to a beautiful tree with bright orange clusters. Many even don’t know how the tree is called. And it is about anybody another, and about a mountain ash. Most likely it isn’t enough who knows about all its useful properties, it is very often possible to see on the earth fallen down berries. Nobody eats them, and they are necessary to nobody.

So, the mountain ash contains many vitamins in the structure. Very often it is added to structure of collectings from which make tea or drink in a thermos in the winter. Such agent perfectly strengthens immunity and tones up. Such tea at a flu epidemic is especially useful.

Juice of a black-fruited mountain ash promotes pressure decline. However if pressure is in limits of norm (120/80), then no changes will happen. The mountain ash is especially useful to residents of big cities. With its help it is possible to protect an organism from radoactive radiation. Besides, people who are ill a diabetes mellitus can safely eat it.

At coronary heart disease it is necessary to refuse the use of a mountain ash. This rule extends to those who have gastrointestinal diseases in an exacerbation phase.

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