Health Benefits of Onions

280720168Onion – one of those vegetables that people often use in cooking. What dishes do not touch the bow is always a part of. For example, when cooking soup (part of the frying) in the preparation of meat, salads and other dishes. In short, many people eat onions, but they are not even aware of its benefits to the body.

Onions contain in its composition volatile that can kill not only the pathogenic bacteria are easily destroyed, but a treacherous mikroooraganizm as the tubercle bacillus (we all know that it is very stable).

Onions stimulates the appetite and helps digestion. Onion increases sex drive and sperm production. Very useful for colds onions. Due to the content of vitamin C in the onion it is recommended to eat in scurvy. Useful onion with kidney and liver diseases. Even with diabetes can eat onion (fresh or boiled kind). Sometimes a bow is used as a sedative. Do not forget about the benefits of onions in cosmetology. Very often it is a member of various hair masks.

It is important to remember that people with heart disease, high blood pressure, better to abandon its use in food.

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