Health Benefits of Peas

290720169Everyone at least once in their lives tasted pea soup or pea puree. Many people are not fans of the aforementioned dishes. But if it will be about a young peas, all in one voice say, that love this vegetable. Especially, it is delicious – young. Very few people know how useful it is for humans. In this issue is sorted out.

In peas contain a lot of protein. If a person is a vegetarian, then this product is indispensable for him. Pea has a diuretic effect. At a stomach ulcer, this product is also useful, but it is better to eat in the form of puree. In peas contain calcium and iron. With peas can slow the aging process and to the prevention of many diseases (cancer, heart attack). The peas are almost no fat and cholesterol so the elderly can also be safe to eat it. Very few people know that it is useful to eat even the pea pods. There’s even more vitamins than a pea.

However, the tendency to flatulence from eating peas as food should be abandoned. It generally contraindicated in gout and nephritis.

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