Health Benefits of Pepper

2607201610There will come the season of pepper soon. It will be possible to buy: red, yellow or green. What pepper you wouldn’t choose, it will be all the same useful and will enrich an organism with vitamins. It means that it is necessary not only to eat them, but also to do preparation for the winter. It is bound to the fact that it is very useful and is perfectly stored in the freezer. In the winter from it it is possible to prepare the mass of tasty dishes (ragout, soup, stuffed peppers).

As became it is known green pepper can render prophylaxis of oncologic diseases. Especially, women because it render prophylaxis of cancer diseases of a mammary gland need to eat pepper. And by means of pepper it is possible to reduce risk of a course of a disease of Alzheimer. Pepper strengthens blood vessels because it contains vitamin P. It is worth noticing that in pepper there is also a lot of vitamin C which is irreplaceable at the reduced immunity. Pepper stimulates appetite therefore it is useful to people with an insufficient weight. At a diabetes mellitus recommend to drink juice from pepper.

Pepper can’t be eaten at heart troubles, a hypertonia and epilepsies.

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