Health Benefits of Persimmon

250720169At the end of fall (during the first cold snaps) the persimmon season begins. The peak of sales falls on this time. This bright orange fruit and draws to itself attention of buyers. However, upon purchase it is necessary to understand what fruit can be bought and what isn’t necessary.

You remember, the green persimmon possesses very knitting property and it not absolutely tasty. Of course, it can be put at several o’clock in the refrigerator and the situation will improve. We will note best of all to buy already ripe fruit (it soft to the touch). Taste of such fruit will be excellent. Especially the persimmon is very useful irrespective of a grade. What it consists in?

The persimmon exerts positive impact on intestines. At its regular use its microflora will never be broken, all bacteria will be killed. The persimmon for the future of mothers because of a huge amount of vitamins is very useful. If the person eats at least one fruit of a persimmon a day, then the standard daily rate of iodine will be filled.

We pay attention, the persimmon contains a lot of sugar therefore it needs to be eaten in limited quantity.

Selection and Storage of Persimmon

Today, many different types of persimmon are sold in supermarkets and on the market, so you may have certain difficulties when choosing the right option. To choose a tasty and ripe fruit, you need to pay special attention to its color, smell and size. If you see green leaves on a persimmon, and the berry itself has a pale shade, most likely it is still unripe and therefore it is better to refuse to purchase such a product. Prefer bright orange persimmon, which not only has a pleasant and sweet taste, but also does not create an unpleasant sensation of viscosity in the mouth.

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