Health Benefits of Plum

250720167Now the season of plums begins. However it isn’t enough who knows about how they are useful. You shouldn’t refuse their use. Today we will understand this question more in details.

Plum are wide it is applied not only in cookery, but medicine and at production of creams and nutritious masks. At a constipation of discharge or prunes (dried plum) it is simply irreplaceable. As plum has diuretic effect, it somewhat promotes pressure decrease. In the summer it is always possible to eat fresh plums, and in the winter dried. They render advantage not less. Unless that a little kaloriyny. By means of plums it is possible to clear a liver of all toxins, and an intestine from slags.

Small children and nursing mothers can’t eat plums, children can have gripes or a diarrhea. Diabetics also should refuse its use in nutrition. Plum can be used safely in a cosmetology. Thanks to it the skin becomes smooth and resilient.

At such diseases as rheumatic disease, gout plum shouldn’t be eaten. Unripe plums don’t render any advantage.

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