Health Benefits of Poppy

030820169No person who has not tried a bun with poppy seeds. They enjoy almost everything. However, few of us know how useful poppy. In this regard, you need to understand in more detail and detail.

At the outset it must be said that in a poppy seeds are not only used, but the leaves, roots, juice. With roots can alleviate the headache. Regarding the seeds, they improve digestion. poppy leaves are used in cough and high temperature. As for the juice, it is poisonous and can not be used alone. It is worth mentioning that the poppy seeds are used not only in cooking, but also cosmetics (inflammation of the eyelids).

But you should always keep in mind the contraindications of all plants. Poppy – the plant is poisonous and self-medicate with it not worth it. When alcoholism, vomiting and asthma do not use poppy should be deleted altogether. When constipation poppy can also do a lot of harm to the patient. Do not abuse drugs on the basis of poppy, because for them there is addictive. You should always be cautious and not at the slightest illness to call the doctor.

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