Health Benefits of Sorrel

010820164Many people at the cottage or the garden grows sorrel. This green is common in many European countries. Most often, it is added in the preparation of soups. In Ukraine, the cook green soup with sorrel and the addition of sour cream. However, many herbs and eat fresh. Despite the fact that the dock is widespread, few people know about its beneficial properties.

Sorrel is used quite often in pain (or menstrual pain). Green is a great prevention of scurvy. Cystitis can make the broth and add to the bathroom. The patient’s condition suddenly improved. Very rarely sorrel is used to stop bleeding. Due to the composition of sorrel can be used in disorders of the stomach. Broth vegetable can gargle for sore throat and gums during inflammation.

But do not forget about contraindications to its use. First of all – it is pregnant women. Excessive consumption of greens can cause kidney stones. At a stomach ulcer sorrel also best not to eat.

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