Health Benefits of Tarragon

010820169Each of us at least once heard the smell of tarragon. Him with nothing can not be confused. This smell has this reason, because green contains lots of essential oils. In our countries, the greens are rarely used because meals with the addition of tarragon is not to everyone’s taste. But let’s still talk about what is so useful to this herb.

When vitamin deficiency is no better means than tarragon. Even if you do not like the taste – add it at least occasionally as a spice in food. For good digestion and appetite – is an indispensable tool. If you have a weak soaked action, will also come to the aid of tarragon. With the help of herbs can improve the potency. When the pain (headache, toothache) is also possible to take the grass. If the bloating worries, you can make a decoction of herbs. Sometimes, tarragon is used as a sedative.

When allergies and cholelithiasis is not necessary to eat green tarragon. With excessive use of herbs can trigger the development of cancer. Pregnant women are also better to renounce the use of herbs.

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