Health Benefits of Turnip

010820166Each of us remembers, when a child my mother treated us cough. Of course, it was not a medicine from the pharmacy, and turnip juice with honey. Taste is not the most pleasant, but the treatment is very effective. Since ancient times it is known about expectorant properties of turnips. But do not forget about other equally beneficial properties of this marvelous plant.

Not less frequently turnip used in dietary nutrition. Since it contains very few calories for the figure can not survive. vegetable juice has analgesic (toothache), but also soothing. If you drink juice regularly, it will not only prevention, but also treatment of articular diseases. With turnips can purify the blood. The juice scientists found also an antibiotic. With it, you can kill many pathogens. In oriental medicine used for the treatment of vegetable seeds of impotence in men.

However, any disorders of the central nervous system, it is better not to eat turnips. This also applies to people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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