Health Benefits of Watermelon

200720161Very soon (about two weeks), you can safely buy watermelons. This culture is the most delicious in August. Of course, on the shelves you can find it in July, but such a purchase should be abandoned. It is better not to risk it. The first watermelons never bring good, because a lot of different chemicals in them. In them they accumulate during feeding. This is done in order to watermelon faster sang. But in this case do not hurry, let everything go according to plan of Mother Nature.

So, watermelon is the best remedy for the kidneys, because it has a diuretic effect stunning. In addition, almost all people can eat it safely (with the exception, patients with diabetes, diseases of the prostate and pancreas). Especially useful watermelon people who are overweight. The berry is not no fat and very little protein. However, it, 90% water.

According to experts, a day can eat up to two kilograms of watermelon. Of course, this is not a one-time portion. There are better in equal parts, even at night. Berry is excellent thirst quencher, which is very important in the summer.

Pay attention to this!

Sweet and tasty watermelon has infinitely many useful properties, but even in this case you should be careful when using this product. In large quantities, watermelons are contraindicated for diabetics, as well as for people with urolithiasis problems. It is not recommended to use this product if you have symptoms of prostatitis or problems with the pancreas. To avoid the appearance of puffiness, it is not recommended to use watermelons with salted foods. It is very important to use only organic fruits, which do not contain nitrates and preservatives.

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