Health Benefits of Yakon

050820163Probably no one has ever heard that there is a vegetable that is close in kinship to the sunflower and jerusalem artichoke. This is very difficult to imagine, but true. The name of this vegetable – yakon. In the food consumed its roots, which have a sweet taste.

This vegetable is very useful for diabetics, so it is often included in the diet of patients. In addition, it can be used to reduce cholesterol and improve bowel function. In yakon contains antioxidants that provide prevention of many dangerous diseases. The vegetable can be eaten, and people who are overweight. In cosmetology vegetable is also used in the manufacture of products. In cooking yakon eat fresh. But many housewives may fry it. Very often it is made into jams and juices. In whatever form you have not tried the vegetable is delicious.

As if there was not any vegetable or fruit should be consumed in moderation and do not overeat. If you follow all the rules, the vegetables will bring a benefit to our health.

In this series of articles about the benefits of vegetables came to an end. Next will be no less interesting and exciting articles!

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