Health Secrets

Everyone should take care of their health. This is an extremely important and responsible task. What should I do to preserve my health for many years?

1. Sport. Go in for sports always. Never be lazy to go to the gym. Sport makes our body more beautiful, and the mood is upbeat.
2. Diet. As for the diet, it should be correct and balanced. Give up all the harmful products with which the shelves are so full in stores.
3. Care. Look after yourself. You should always be pleased with your reflection in the mirror. A woman every morning and evening should clean and moisturize the skin. These are the procedures that will help to preserve youthful skin for many years.
4. Sleep. Sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. Sleep is what helps a person to regain strength.
5. Activity. Be an active and cheerful person. Do not sit at home all the time. Move constantly. Riding a bike, roller skating – all this helps to become a person healthier and stronger.

Proper nutrition and physical activity will help each of us live up to 100 years!

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