Heat and Health

200920165In winter, everyone is looking forward to the summer. During this period, you can relax and enjoy the warm sunshine. However, as everyone knows, warm days can be replaced very quickly by this heat. In those days, I do not want to go out. During this period, you need to take care of their health. So, how to maintain health in the hot weather?

1. Lake. In hot weather, go to the river or lake. This is the best way to survive the heat. It should be noted, on the beach need to be in the shade. Nick circumstances not under the scorching sun.
2. Drink. In hot weather, drink plenty of water. At a minimum, you should drink 2 liters of fresh water. From coffee and carbonated drinks should be abandoned. Never drink during hot weather, cold water, as this may cause the disease. Water should be lukewarm.
3. Clothing. Be sure to wear a hat to avoid sunstroke. It is important to wear in hot weather clothes made of natural fabrics. The body and the skin must breathe.
4. Power. In hot weather it is better to abandon the salads, since they can cause poisoning. The best way to prepare yourself and write in a small amount.

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