Heavy Load Gives a Positive Effect on the Condition of the Body

05111610As a result of scientific work on the muscles, foreign scientists have revealed the cyclical fluctuations of hours not only muscle tissue, but also the entire system of the body.

Scientists say that this study will help athletes to create a more accurate and productive schedule of classes.

A close examination of the human body and the rhythm of life, scientific director of the famous scientist Joseph Bassvo said that no doubt a certain cycle of time affects the muscle activity. Scientists have conducted many tests and experiments with laboratory mice. At various intervals, the experimental actively running on the tracks, and the experts observed a rhythm and the body’s response.

At the end of carried out work it noted that muscle cells are more active during daylight, daytime, during the day it is, in our muscles is the highest number of oxygen required for power generation. Therefore, to achieve high, the maximum assessment of the state of health, you need to train during the day. All the results of the scientific program are described in the «Cell Metabolism» magazine.

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