Herbs that Strengthen Immunity

Now people are treated with pills and candles. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that there is nothing better than grasses. Only nature can heal a person.

What herbs help to strengthen immunity? Now, colds are very common.

1. Echinacea. Echinacea has long been used with a decrease in immunity. With her help you can cope with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and colds.
2. Astragalus. Substances that are contained in the plant, contribute to the development of immune cells in the body.
3. Ginseng. In the East, ginseng is highly appreciated. The people are sure that the root is able to cope with any disease. It has toning up restorative features.
4. Garlic. Garlic has always been considered a natural antibiotic. He won such a title absolutely right. During the epidemic, you need to eat garlic, then any disease will bypass.
5. Ginger. The root of ginger can be easily purchased at the supermarket. It removes inflammation, removes cholesterol from the body, and also provides prevention of colds. Add ginger to the tea to make the drink even more useful.

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