Holiday Romance – For and Against

010920167Every woman wants to love and be loved. But what do you do if the satellite yet. As we know men are much less than women. Where to meet him ?! Of course, the most common place to experience this holiday. Holiday romance for many women – a common occurrence. Just let us look at the pros and cons of such meetings.

1. Impressions. The novel is always – it is something new and different. At the beginning of any of the novel, everything happens fast, and causes a storm of emotions.
2. Looseness. Many women easily liberated from a completely strange man. Most importantly, no one will judge you for your conduct.
3. Remembering. In old age will be something to remember. Early each person alone.

1. Nothing serious. Very rarely resort novels end with marriage. It should be understood that this novel will have to continue in the future.
2. Contraception. How would you not like a man, it is necessary to protect themselves. Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy has not been canceled after a stormy night.

Lovely woman! Love comes when you least expect it!

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