Homemade Hand Cream

190920167Every woman is simply obliged to monitor the condition of the skin of hands. Correctly say, as a true woman’s age can be calculated by hand. If the skin is well-groomed, then hide the age will not work.

One hundred and noted that it is not necessary to use expensive creams. You can always cook cream yourself at home. Quality will be worse, and the effect is several times better. Make it a snap. Let’s not waste precious time. Let us proceed. Here are a few recipes for example.

1. Prepare the infusion of herbs (chamomile, calendula). preparation scheme on the package. The resulting infusion add about 50 grams of butter and a teaspoon of honey.
2. Olive oil. At night, rub into your hands warm olive oil. Then do not forget to wear woolen gloves.

Remember to do baths for hands. They have a positive impact tighter. warm milk can be used for baths. In addition, the tray has such excellent reinforces nails. After the bath, lubricate your hands cream, homemade.

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