Hormonal Pills and Excess Weight

170920162Currently, there are many ways of protection. Each pair chooses a more convenient and affordable. It is worth noting that there is a lot of information about that at the time of hormonal contraceptives women gain weight. But how things really are?

The researchers claim that while taking hormonal contraceptives should not expect an increase in weight. If you experience any discomfort, you should immediately consult a doctor.

So, what recommendations should be observed that the weight right?

1. Control. Weigh yourself regularly, to make it easier to control your weight. If it is noticed that the arrow began to deviate in the direction of weight gain, this is a signal to what is necessary to reconsider the diet.
2. Diet. Eat right. Avoid unhealthy foods (mayonnaise, ketchup) and sweets.
3. Menu. If you wanted something to eat after taking the pills – let it be something useful (dried fruit or yogurt).
4. Exclude from the diet. When receiving hormonal tablets from the diet it is necessary to exclude: fried foods, salt, baking soda and fries.

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