How Dangerous Tick Bites

01111615Most people like to spend their free time in nature, but they are unaware of the danger they can lie in wait during a walk.

Furthermore, in some places are found snake still exist and mites, which are carriers of various infections. They live mites virtually wherever there is vegetation in the grass and the trees and bushes.

It feeds on these insects only blood they receive, glaring into the body of an animal or human. Due to the fact that small ticks, detect them on the body is very difficult, but when redness and itching appears, it can be detected. In any case, the first thing you need to seek medical attention because it can be contagious and threaten not only the health but also human life.

Therefore, sending the country, you need to follow some rules that will help prevent tick bites. To do this, choose a dress that will help eliminate most of its penetration in the body. Also, the use of special tools, which are able to deter these insects.

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