How Do Men Choose their Wives?

Every woman wants to get married. Someone is destined to get married at a young age, and someone has to wait for his prince for a very long time.

In this case, the woman is in a state of constant stress. They are tormented by the question – why they are not married? Than they are worse than others? Unquestionably, in this case, there is quite a fair question – how do men choose wives? By what criteria does this happen? It will be very interesting for unmarried women to find out.

1. Cooking. Do not know how to cook delicious? This is necessary as soon as possible to learn. For a man, it is important that the lady can cook a delicious dinner for him.
2. Form. Every woman should look after her appearance and form. She must be smart and take care of herself.
3. Intimacy. It is very important that a man and a woman have similar temperaments. This is important for intimate relationships.

Lovely woman, so that you love a man in the first place, learn to love yourself. Many do not believe this, but it is. Respect, love and appreciate yourself!

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