How Do Women Perceive the Color Red?

100820164Recent research scientists from Slovakia showed a very interesting dependence of women on red. Prior to that, there were a lot of different myths and speculation about what women respond to the red color is not like all the rest. However, to prove such a relationship nobody has been able until recently.

But from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, experts were able to conduct a series of scientific experiments and practice show how the female body perceives the red color in clothing, interior and other surrounding objects to. As it turned out, women are very responsive to the red color. For example, if they see a girl in a red dress, subconsciously perceive it as her opponent and trying to protect his own man from communicating with this lady.

It is interesting to note also that men respond to this color. When they see the lady in red, then the subconscious regard such a style of dress as a woman’s undisguised desire to have sex with or meet. That is why, according to statistics men are much more likely to invite the girls out on a date in red clothes than other colors.

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